Lazy H has been breeding and selling insects at its farm in LaBelle, FL for more than 25 years. Scientific institutions, public and private zoos, professional animal breeders, pet wholesalers and pet shops all rely on the quality that  Lazy H delivers. Being both pet owners and breeders ourselves, we are fully involved in the pet community and highly sensitive to the unique needs of other pet owners.


While we are famous for our super worms, our crickets are our pride and joy.

Lazy H breeds and sells some seriously spunky crickets. These are the large acheta domestica, popularly known as the brown, domestic  or house cricket, not the small, flighty banded cricket.

As with our other feeders, a diet heavy with fresh fruits as well as the highest quality commercial cricket food available produces crickets that are long lived, super healthy and capable of stimulating the feeding response in even the most lethargic lizard.


Lazy H is the highest quality, best priced and largest Superworm producer in Florida. Fed a diet of locally grown fresh fruits and vegtables, as well as minimally processed grains, our highly nutritious superworms are gut loaded by nature. Bearded dragon breeders who have switched from a cricket based diet to a superworm based one attest to the value this food source provides.

Lazy H was the first company to offer superworms in multiple sizes. Customers can now select superworms that are the right size for the animals they are feeding. Our supers are available in large (1 ¾”-2”), medium (1 ½”), small (1”) and extra small (1/2”-3/4”). If requested, extra extra small superworms are available for customers seeking to feed newborn animals.

All our Superworms are selected based on the length requirements specified by the customer.

Unlike other companies, our Superworms are offered in five different sizes; adult, medium, small, xsmall and xxsmall.


Lazy H is also the highest quality, best priced and largest mealworm producer in Florida. Our mealworms are raised naturally. No growth hormones, steroids or other growth enhancers are used in the production of these feeders.

Raised on a diet rich in natural whole grains and fresh vegetables and bathed in the tropical climate of SW Florida, our feeders are safe, nutritious and longest lived based on customer feedback.

Shipping & Packing

For superworm and mealworm orders we offer ‘split boxes’-500 of one size and 500 of another size in the same box for the price of 1,000 and the cost of shipping one box.

While the vibrant health of our feeders is our biggest asset, the pricing is the deal-clincher. Lazy H’s prices are simply the best-when you include shipping costs Lazy H is invariably the best deal available. Same day shipping is available for orders placed before 2:00 PM. Orders are shipped priority mail via the post office or by UPS.

Unlike most of our competitors, Lazy H doesn’t ‘bump’ shipping to make extra money on orders but ships at cost. We will also consolidate insects into fewer boxes, weather permitting, to save you money.

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