Lazy H has been breeding and selling insects at its farm in LaBelle, FL for 25 years. Scientific institutions, high volume animal breeders, national zoos and numerous pet wholesalers and pet shops rely on the consistent quality Lazy H delivers.

Being pet breeders ourselves, we are fully involved in the pet community and highly sensitive to the unique needs of pet owners. Respecting the safety of our customer’s animals, we only sell the brown or domestic cricket (Acheta domesticus) rather than the highly aggressive black or field cricket (Gryllus assimilis).

Raised on a diet rich in natural whole grains and fresh vegetables and bathed in the tropical climate of SW Florida, our crickets and superworms are the longest lived based on customer feedback.

The health of our insects is best assured by the fact that every aspect of the process, from breeding to raising to packing to shipping, is conducted on premise at Lazy H.

Crickets are offered in a range of familiar sizes; 1”, ¾”, ½”, ¼”, 1/8” and two sizes of pinheads, while superworms are selected based on the length requirements specified by the customer.
Overcounts are the norm.

While the vibrant health of the crickets and superworms produced at Lazy H is the biggest asset, the pricing is the deal-clincher. Lazy H’s prices are simply the best-when you include shipping costs Lazy H is invariably the best deal available. 

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Florida’s Finest Crickets & Superworms

Healthy, long-lasting brown crickets and superworms raised on premise and ready to ship to your door today!

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